Saturday 28 November 2020
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This is Why You Suck at Guitar 18: You Don't Know the Major Scale!

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Hey kids! Its Uncle Ben Eller here with the return of the legendary This is Why You Suck at Guitar series!!!! You loyal Suckamaniacs have been sending me numerous telepathic messages, smoke signals, and carrier pigeons clamoring for some lessons on scales and music theory, and i’m happy to oblige. In this mega-sized lesson, you’re going to learn EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to learn about the major scale, and more!

The major scale is the basis of EVERYTHING in western music. Its the basic building block, the DNA strand, the blank canvas of music. Everything that we hear in music is directly related to it! Its like a cheese pizza: even if you’re making a supreme pizza, you know what its built on top of? A cheese pizza. That’s right.

In this lesson, i’m going to show you all some basic theory secrets of how every major scale is constructed, and show you the 5 scale patterns you HAVE to know to get the most out of it! These 5 patterns are the ones that i learned that helped me understand this magical scale to its fullest. Master these easy concepts, and you’ll be able to play scales across the entire board with ease, just like Francis Bubbletrousers!

Along the way, i’m also going to show you all how to combine and link these shapes up for maximum fretboard impact. And some tasty shred sequence ideas, too! And the easy secrets of using your newfound major scale knowledge to create and map out every other scale in the known galaxy!!!

If you practice these things on the daily, i guarantee you’ll be on speaking terms with your real dad again in NO time. What have you got to lose? Oh yeah, YOUR DAD!

Playing my Suhr Modern Satin into the Fractal Axe FX III. Its so lovely.

What else do you suck at?! Let me know and we will talk about it in a future episode of TIWYSAG!

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