Friday 14 August 2020
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Take Me To Church – Hozier (violin/cello/bass cover) – Simply Three

Buy this song on iTunes: Get the sheet music: FREE DOWNLOAD: Join our mailing list and get a free download: Subscribe: Facebook: Instagram:...

ESP LTD B-5 JR 5 String Shortscale 3/4 Size Bass Guitar – Black

Listed for sale on an Ebay 7 day auction ending Sunday, 3/29/2015 at 5:15pm PST (Los Angeles time). Ebay item number 221722802590. This...

Ibanez RG-9BK 9 string Funk Bass Chord Melody piece- Lee Wrathe

Just a simple self accompanied piece as part of my full demo of the Ibanez RG-9BK 9 string which can be found here ..

Buy Guitar Strings Prize Draw

Please watch: “Why Do Cheap Guitars Rarely Play Well” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

AC Guitars – Harlot MKII 6 String Short Scale Bass Demo

This is the Second video in a series of Demo videos for AC Guitars. For More Information on this Instrument please visit First bass in the...

Ibanez SRC6 WNF Walnut Flat Short Scale 30″ 6 String Crossover Bass Guitar Demo

For more information: The SR Crossover is tuned like a guitar, E to E, only an octave lower, like a bass. This opens up a myriad of...

Muting Strings on Guitar- Important Beginner Lesson- Chords- Rythme- Power Chords- Barre Chords

How to Mute Strings when playing an Open Chord, Barre Chord, Power Chord, Double Stop, and Playing Rythme. One of the most important...

How To Restring A Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lessons

In this installment of our bitesize lessons, Lee shows you how to restring a guitar, on a standard electric.

Start learning Guitar 01 – String names Reading Tab James Bond

First video in the – Start learning guitar series. A good starting point video if you’ve never played the guitar before. Want...

Kiss the Rain – Yiruma – Classical Guitar cover – 雨的印記 – 李閏珉 – 비를 맞다 – 이루마

Score/Tab: Cordoba 55R classical guitar Sony HDR-MV1 Music Video Recorder Kiss the Rain by Yiruma/雨的印記 – 李閏珉/비를...