Monday 21 September 2020
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Starving – Hailee Steinfeld // Guitar Tutorial (Chords & Picking)

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Hey guys! 🙂 Today’s video: “Starving” – Hailee Steinfeld Guitar Tutorial was VOTED by the majority of you in my most recent poll!

Congrats if you voted for it! 😀 This song is super awesome and fun to play! Grab your guitars because I’m about to show you how to play that awesome picking pattern in the most easy way to learn!

For chords & strumming, if you’re not so great with the barre chords yet…don’t fret! Just add some extra practice in to get those barre chords down. I know I totally could have used a capo for easier chords, but I’m not all about taking the EASY way out. And that’s how I want you all to approach learning guitar as well.

It’s easy to get comfortable where you are at, but if you never challenge yourself, you won’t get any better or learn anything new.

Plus, using a capo will make the song sound farther away from the original version. If you want it to sound like the original version, you’ll definitely want to play sans capo. 😉


E major: 022100

F#m: 244222

C#m: x46654

B major: x24442

A major: x02220


DDDDU – for each chord

D = Down // U = Up

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Starving Guitar Tutorial:

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