Saturday 4 April 2020
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Sacred Games(Netflix) Theme Guitar Lesson | Electric Guitar Rock Theme | Nawazuddin, Saif

Sacred games guitar theme

check written tabs here –

How I record studio quality audio at home –

************Recommended Guitars********************

Guitar used in this video –

Juarez Acoustic Guitar – Blue (around rs2000) –

Juarez Acoustic Guitar – Black (around rs2000) –

Intern Acoustic Guitar (around rs2000) –

Jixing Acoustic Guitar ( Around rs2000) –

Kadence Guitar Bundle (around rs5000) –

Fender SA105 (Around rs7000) –

Cort AD810 Bundle (Around rs9000) –

Yamaha F310 Acoustic (around rs8000) –

Fender FA115 Bundle (Around rs10,000) –

Fender FA125 Guitar (Around rs10,000) –

*****************Guitar Accessories*************************

Alice Strings –

D’ addario Strings –

Recording Interface (Vault Ai22) –

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