Thursday 9 July 2020
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Pentatonic Scale Lesson: G major for guitar: Flatpicking Lesson 2

The most important scale in Bluegrass might just be…

G major Pentatonic. In this flatpicking guitar lesson we’ll mostly be covering easy songs in G. This as a continuation of Lesson one, but in this tutorial we build on the finger exercises and move on to playing music.

Tunes: Worried Man Blues, Angelina Baker, Kesh Jig (first half)
Topics: G major Pentatonic, open position, C major pentatonic, playing in 6/8 time. Finger exercises in G.

Resources for this lesson: Scroll to Lesson 2

Lesson One: Finger Exercises

Lesson three: Diatonic scales:

Instagram for 1 minute lessons and sheet music

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