Saturday 11 July 2020
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Opeth Benighted guitar lesson

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Another fingerstyle ‘metal’ classic today: Opeth Benighted. The tuning is E standard. I am covering the rhythm guitar parts in this video. There’s lots of arpeggiated chords in this song, and most chords are rather exotic, but that’s how Opeth likes it. So, if you are not familiar with fingerstyle guitar, usually we play the base strings (EAD) with our thumbs, the G string with the index finger, B string with middle, and high E with ring finger of the right hand. This setup is especially common when you do the arpeggiated chords, as it gives a very natural picking pattern for your right hand. Of course, depending on what chords you play you might want to alter the fingers and ‘break’ the above rules. As for the melodies they are usually played using index and middle fingers, alternating, a sort of alternate fingerstyle picking.


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