Wednesday 8 April 2020
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Mystery Song By Status Quo – Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play Mystery Song by Status Quo.

This easy to follow lessons covers all the guitar parts played by Rick Parfitt.

Just wanted to correct me comment on the tuning which is as follows:
High E – down to D
A down to G
Low E up to G

 The song concerns a young man’s encounter with a prostitute. The B-side was “Drifting Away”, from the band’s 1974 album Quo. The song was written by Rick Parfitt and Bob Young.

The line “STs showing, you really got me going” left many wondering what kind of illicit code words the band might be using in their lyrics – though it turned out that “STs” simply stood for “stocking tops”.

Mystery Song only reached number 11 in the UK charts. Personally I feel that it should have been much higher as i rate this as one of there better songs.

Blue for You is the ninth studio album by Status Quo. It was released in March 1976, and is the last album until 1980’s Just Supposin’ that they produced themselves, which resulted in subsequent albums having a noticeably lighter, more pop oriented sound.

The song was reprized, in 2014, for the band’s thirty-first studio album Aquostic (Stripped Bare). It was featured in the ninety-minute launch performance of the album at London’s Roundhouse on 22 October, the concert being recorded and broadcast live by BBC Radio 2 as part of their In Concert series.

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