Friday 23 April 2021
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My Best Friend’s Girl Guitar Lesson | The Cars | Solo & Rockabilly Riff

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“My Best Friend’s Girl” is a song by American rock band the Cars from their 1978 self-titled debut album on Elektra Records, released on June 6 of that year. Written by Ocasek as a song about something that “probably … happened to a lot of people,”
It begins with chords in the lower register of the guitar, a two-bar progression moving from I to IV to V in F. Hand claps enter in bar five, and after the eight-bar intro, the first verse begins featuring Ric Ocasek’s vocals over a lead guitar lick in the key of F.[6] An organ is introduced in the first chorus, followed by a rockabilly guitar lick which leads to the second verse. The song is composed in contrasting verse-chorus form.[6] The song was originally written and recorded in E major, one semitone lower, then the entire master tape was sped up to place it in F major. Many live performances show the band performing the song in E. The lyrics depict a man’s frustration with a woman who is dating his best friend after the man dated her.

Of course, it has an awesome guitar solo from Elliot Easton – one of the best of the new wave guitarists.

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