Wednesday 23 September 2020
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Midnight Blue Guitar Lesson: Soloing – Uncovering Jazz Scales Plus Harmonic Analysis

For a FREE 27 page PDF which includes the TAB for all the scales, modes and arpeggios used in the video visit

The FREE 27 page PDF book contains:

* A lead sheet which includes a chord chart for soloing over
* 96 scales, modes and arpeggio patterns
* TAB for all scales, modes and arpeggios used in this video in every position on the guitar!
* Extra supplementary scales and arpeggios for using in solos, in tablature and music notation

In this tutorial I show you how to solo and improvise over the classic jazz guitar tune ‘Midnight Blue’ by the great jazz guitarist Kenny Burrell.
This jazz guitar lesson features a complete harmonic analysis based on the chords used in the solo section and includes a comprehensive look at the scales which can be used over these chords.
Additionally there are musical examples throughout and a few extras such as arpeggios which can be used, as well as chordal approaches to soloing.

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