Monday 21 September 2020
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Major Pentatonic Blues Guitar Licks Lesson Series Lick 1&2

Major Pentatonic Blues Guitar Licks Lesson Series Is great start for beginners to dip their toes into guitar solo and lead work. The licks should be easy enough for beginners with sound rhythm skills and scales knowledge. This series will feature several cool guitar blues licks. These blues licks can be learned and played as is or you can improvise on them and make them your own by adding your own style of playing to them. You will probably recognize some of this licks and I am not laying claim to them. They are simply a copy of tousand’s of version. I just play it my way. I must admit that I rarely play the licks exactly the same. It always depends how I feel. Thats why I love to the blues, its very expressive and you can channel your emotion into it. Enjoy the licks!

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