Saturday 11 July 2020
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Learn this Classic Easy Blues Guitar Intro

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to”
Instant Access to the 17 page PDF filled with scales & tips:

Click here for a FREE Video Lesson Series on Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan:  

Don’t let anyone tell you that learning to play blues guitar is difficult!  Marty Schwartz (featured above), has been sharing the secrets of the most legendary blues guitarists of all time for years now.  The result?  Hundreds of thousands of guitarists from all over the world have watched Marty’s videos and have voted “thumbs up” on his methods.

See for yourself by watching this free video training on how to easily play some of the most signature moves by Eric Clapton, B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughan:  

Marty Schwartz teaches you a electric Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing.

Learn this Classic Blues Guitar Intro

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