Thursday 21 January 2021
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Learn Bass – Major Scale exercises to use in your daily practice routine

Lesson 16
A series of Major Scale exercises to use in your daily practice routine.

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Developing a daily practice routine, an introduction to Modes and advice on creating basslines of your own.

It’s true that practice really does make perfect, but perhaps you’re a little guilty of just playing what you know instead of practicing the things you don’t?
If this is the case, then the opening lesson in this series will serve as a good motivator in developing a daily practice routine that will ensure you’re always pushing yourself and improving in the right areas.
Also in this series, Richie demystifies the world of Modes — A subject that’s often overcomplicated and hard to grasp.
He shares his ideas and presents it in a way that’ll get you understanding the new knowledge and applying it on the instrument.

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