Wednesday 23 September 2020
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Jimi Hendrix – Lead Guitar Concepts


Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers questions from off of his Guitar Blog website…

Q). For the last few months I’ve been getting into Jimi Hendrix. My question has to do with three things he does in his lead playing. First, he seems to use a lot of quick hammer-on /pull-offs when he plays his solos. Second, he jumps across strings in very odd ways using broken rhythms. And third, he uses double-stop chords quite differently, (with hammer-ons & pull-offs). Could you go and demonstrate some of Jimi’s lead playing techniques in a lesson?
Danny — Mays Landing, NJ. USA

A). When it comes to Hendrix’s quick hammer-on and pull-off applications, its obvious he was a huge fan of the sixteenth-note triplet sound. This idea combined with broken scale tones, syncopated rhythms, double-stop chords and his wide vibrato, created the foundation of his lead sound. But, as we all know, there were many other concepts unique to the Hendrix approach. Therefore, trying to make a single video covering what made Jimi Hendrix’s lead playing unique, probably isn’t possible in the time that we have… Jimi was an innovative player plus a great songwriter. So, it goes without saying, that it’s well worth your time to study his playing, because there’s a lot to learn from how Jimi Hendrix played guitar!

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