Saturday 30 May 2020
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Jazz Scales – Augmented Scale

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This Jazz Piano Tutorial is about the Augmented Scale.

The Augmented Scale is just two augmented chords superimposed over each other.

The Augmented Scale is:
– a Hexatonic Scale (6 notes)
– a Symmetrical Scale (repeating intervals)
– Also knows as the minor-third half-step scale (because that is the intervals within between the notes in the scale)

Because the Augmented Scale is symmetrical, there are only 4 unique Augmented Scales (i.e. the C Augmented Scale contains all the same notes as the E and Ab Augmented Scales)

And also, much like the Diminished Scale, you can create a ‘mode’ of the Augmented Scale by just starting on a different note. So for example, C minor-third half-step scale contains all the same notes as Eb half-step minor-third scale.

The Augmented Scale can also be thought of as three major triads superimposed over each other (C, E & Ab Major Triads).

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