Wednesday 23 September 2020
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How to SOUND AWESOME on the 5 STRING BASS… for 4 string players

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In this lesson I’m going to show you a super easy trick you can use to help you totally crush it on the 5 string bass…

If you’re a 4 stringer who wants to make the leap…

Or you’re already playing a 5 but hardly ever use the B string…

This lesson is going to get you utilising that B string more than you ever had before… it takes literally minutes to get this trick down… and because the whole thing is based on just 1 simple shape… it’s EASY!

Ooo… and for fun, in this I also show you my “practice rig of doom”… you could almost put it in a backpack… and last week, I used it for a gig!

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂


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