Wednesday 23 September 2020
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How to play Layla Unplugged – Eric Clapton (Part 1/3) Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Opening Riff

Part 2 – The Intro Solo:
Part 3 – The Verse (And Strumming):

Barre chords tutorial:

This is Layla Unplugged Part I, where we go over the main riff from the song. In Part II we’ll explore the intro solo and in Part III we will go over the chords to the rest of the song and work on transitioning between the chorus and verse. If you find this song is too challenging, please check out our free eBook for tips and tricks on chords and strumming:

This was one of the first things I learned to play when I bought my first acoustic guitar (I started on electric) and I’m really happy to finally share this lesson with you all on YouTube. I’ve taught this song to over a hundred students and I still haven’t gotten tired of it! It’s excellent for building finger strength thanks to the Bb and C barre chords. It also incorporates chords into a lick and challenges the student to change chords quickly and cleanly.

If you find the Bb and C barre chords to be a little too challenging, we show you how to simplify them into something you can definitely play, if need be. Hope you enjoy the lesson, see ya next week!

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