Wednesday 13 December 2017
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How to play Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio- Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

Easy way to play Gangstas Paradise on Acoustic Guitar.
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How to Play Everybody Backstreet Boys (Easy)

How to play Be yourself By Audioslave/Chris Cornell acoustic (easy):

Broken Seether Guitar Lesson:

Eminem Mockingbird Easy Acoustic Lesson:

How to play Remedy by Seether on Acoustic Guitar (Easy)

How to play Sympathetic by Seether on acoustic guitar:

How to play Take Me away by Seether on Acoustic Guitar:

How to play It’s been Awhile by Staind:

How to play Colt 45 (crazy rap) by Afroman:

How to play The Kids aren’t Alright by the Offspring:

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