Saturday 28 November 2020
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how to play “Drive” by The Cars on guitar | acoustic guitar lesson tutorial

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An acoustic guitar lesson on how to play “Drive” by The Cars from the album “Heartbeat City” released in 1984, featuring the great Benjamin Orr on vocals and written by Ric Ocasek. It was produced by the amazing Robert John “Mutt” Lange.

This has always been one of my absolute favorite songs. I think it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written! Of course the entire track is keyboards, vocals and what sounds like a drum machine. There isn’t a guitar in it that I can hear. Anyways, I thought a lot of folks would like to know how to play it on guitar. Once you learn the chords you could strum it anyway you want, but what I tried to do was to include most of the keyboard lines that really make the song so special IMHO. It’s arranged for two guitars, but you could make it work with just one. Like any great song, it really doesn’t matter how you arrange it, it’s always great…

I hope you enjoy the video and enjoy playing this great old classic.

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