Monday 21 September 2020
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House Of The Rising Sun – Easy Guitar Lesson | The Animals – Basic Chords & Picking

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Hey! This week we have a classic for you all – “House Of The Rising Sun.” It’s actually a traditional tune but I’m going to show you how to play The Animals’ version of it, since that’s probably the most well-known.

The chords are pretty simple: Am, C, D, F, E. The progression is simple too, and we strum through it slowly, counting to 4 (even though the song is in 6/8… it’s just simpler this way) and then go on to show you the rhythm pattern.

The rhythm is all picking. You can do it with a pick or your thumb and fingers, and it seems very simple – just ascend and descend, plucking each string – but watch out for that rhythm! We count through it and break it down into little bits so you can work it out slowly and along to the beat.

After that, we play through both sections together so you can get a feel for the whole tune and that’s that!

I hope you enjoy the tune and I’ll see you next week!

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