Wednesday 8 April 2020
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Electric Beginners Level 3 [Course Introduction] Master Your Barre Chords

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Electric Beginners Level 3 [Course Introduction] Master Your Barre Chords

Our third and final electric beginners course introduces you to the challenging world of barre chords! From a rhythm and chord perspective, these are the gateway to becoming an intermediate player, so we’ve decided to devote an entire course to learning them. You’ll gradually work through each of the four main barre chord shapes, learning a lot of great new rhythms, techniques and songs along the way. Once you’ve completed this course you are ready for the Electric Intermediate section.

Watch the video above for a full rundown.

If you have always struggled with barre chords, then this is the course for you! We tackle each of the 4 main shapes in-depth, exploring the various options for fingering and how to play them across the entire fretboard. We also apply every single new shape in a world of different positions using custom-written songs, professionally produced with real musicians. You’ll love it!


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Above all, keep learning and keep having fun! 😀🎸🙃

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