Friday 30 October 2020
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Eine Kleine (アイネクライネ) – Classical Guitar Cover [TABS]

Special thanks to ‘❀ rachie/れいち ❀’ for her absolutely beautiful English cover, which introduced me to this song as well as heavily inspire me to create a guitar arrangement of it!

At first, I never thought I’d be able to arrange this song, but I kept powering through, and eventually did it ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
DEFINITELY one of the most difficult (if not, the most difficult) arrangements I’ve done to date. Despite my hands being dead right now, I am really, really proud of this cover!


And go go go like Rachie’s cover!!


**Note that you may tune to EGDGBD for your own convenience – the tuning I used is just one-step lower to match the song I was arranging.

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