Monday 21 September 2020
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“Chromatic Detox” – Experimenting Free Jazz – Synthesizer, Bass & Drums

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***No Copyrights on the music from NewJazz***

Playing Chromatic Scale (all 12 notes) using Pentatonic Scale Patterns to make a Structured Thrilling Non-Diatonic Sound.

To learn about the solo techniques. Watch Youtube video Lesson 2:

Improvisation material:
Keynote G: Constantly switching between Gm pentatonic, Bm pentatonic & Ebm pentatonic.
Keynote C: Constantly switching between Cm pentatonic, Em pentatonic & Abm pentatonic.

Tempo: 85 BPM

Song Titel: “Chromatic Detox”
Keyboards: Oliver Prehn
Drums: Erik Frandsen
Engineer: Jonathan Prehn
Song writer: Oliver Prehn

Play along or make you own music based on parts from this song. Download all separate tracks at

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