Thursday 20 February 2020
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Category: Guitar Scale Lesson

Rotus Guitar Private : Pentatonic Scale in 5 shapes. Michael

Rotus Guitar Private : Pentatonic Scale in 5 shapes. Michael . Rotus Guitar Private 083831574473 Kediri, East Java, Indonesia ....

tuesday pentatonic scale yuma 10 dec 19

slow progress – keep moving.

How to Shred on Diminished Scales (15 Exercises!)

For sheet music of all 15 Diminished Scale Exercises applied to both diminished scales in all 12 keys visit: Mouthpiece: use $10 coupon...

Make it Quick #28: Major Scale Pattern-Practice

Building a major scale requires a pattern of whole steps and half steps to make it sound “right.” In this video, we’ll...

Can I play CHAD LB's SAXOPHONE jazz licks on GUITAR?

I love subscribers, so…subscribe y’all to this channel here and I promise to make more videos! If you want access to a...

Guitar scale

G major pentatonic scale

Jifunze kupiga solo ya key G kwa pentatonic scale

No More Pentatonic Boxes

In this week’s lesson, I share with you how I like to approach Pentatonic Scales to break out of those tired boxes. #PentatonicScale...

Essential Guitar Lessons #02 – Learn all the Pentatonic Shapes Forever More

It’s time and you can do it! If you’ve been putting this off like so many people I meet here in my guitar lessons, this video...

Blues-Scale piano improvisation- make your scale interesting!

Use different patterns to stop boring repetitions in your blues-scale piano improvisation Check my playlists for more blues-piano online:...