Monday 6 April 2020
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Category: Guitar Scale Lesson

A Beginner's Guide to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale: Exercise 7 and 14

A Beginner’s Guide to the E Minor Pentatonic Scale: Exercise 7 and 14 (Video 27). Video 28, Exercise 15: By James E. Guin Paperback:...

D blues Major chords w/ Pattern #2 pentatonic -Brook

Major bar chords into Pattern #2 riff.

D blues shuffle w/ Pattern #2 and #3.

Brook, smooth pentatonic riffs on both sides of the minor bar chord. Patterns #2 and #3.

Baritone ocarina Low Eb Pentatonic scale

C minor pentatonic scale

James Khan Practice Log Ep 11 3nps String Skipped Pentatonics on Squier Stagemaster 7

I finally fixed my 7 string Squier Stagemaster 7 and I play some 3 note per string, string skipped pentatonics on it!. I got this guitar...

Weekday Segovia Scale

LaPatrie Concert

Guitar warm up patterns with twitch chat

A segment taken from my daily live stream on twitch. guitar content all the time, playing,learning,practicing,recording,looking and...

The Minor Pentatonic Scale : Learn It Here!

Practice ascending and descending this scale! Go slowly at first making sure each note is clear! Remember to keep your hand comfortable!...


Here’s a lesson about the minor pentatonic scale and chord tones. I talk about how you can use the minor pentatonic scale in the...