Tuesday 31 March 2020
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Category: Bass Guitar Lesson

Clip#4 – Peter Bernstein wshop -: bass motion / chord inversions

#peterbernstein #jazzguitar #jazzguitarforum Produced in 2015, “Workshop with the Greats featuring Peter Bernstein” is the...

Ready to learn the entire guitar fretboard without theory?

Check out my brand new ULTIMATE FRETBOARD MASTERCLASS if you are interested in having total fretboard freedom and fluency!

Bass Guitar Lesson: 2 Minor Pentatonic Grooves

Check out more at Instagram- @Tdykes Facebook- TDykes Music Thanks for watching!

No.75 Important Chord Tones Exercise For Bass Guitar || Based on 2-1-5 Sequence

FOLLOW THE LINK FOR THE FREE SUPPORTING PDF: Please note that the sequence is a 2-1-5 sequence not the 2-5-1 sequence! Sorry my mistake!...

"Attention" Easy Guitar Tutorial | Charlie Puth – 4 Easy Chords + The Lead Guitar Part

Hi everyone! In this lesson, we show you how to play “Attention” by Charlie Puth (I really hope I pronounced it correctly in...

LAST IN LINE – Devil In Me – CVT Guitar Lesson by Mike Gross

This is a CVT GUITAR LESSON(tabs & video) on how to play “Devil In Me” by Last In Line. Guitar: Vivian Campbell Album:...

Paul McCartney's Bass Guitar Techniques | Reverb Learn to Play

Paul McCartney’s bass work (with The Beatles, Wings, and solo) often plays second fiddle to his acumen as a songwriter and an...

Yngwie Malmsteen Lesson – Pentatonic Scales

Seksi Seksi – Kamikazee (Guitar Cover With Lyrics & Chords)

kamikazee – Seksi seksi guitar cover #TwofacedmanX #SeksiSeksi #Kamikazee Strumming Pattern at the end.. Thank you for watching.. I...

How to Play a Metal Riff On Bass Guitar

Here’s an instructional video I made years ago when I was hot and skinny on how to play a proper metal riff on a bass guitar.