Wednesday 27 May 2020
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Best Guitar Lesson 1 for Beginners – Music Theory Matters!

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Our goal here with these lessons is to really help you to understand all the aspects of learning how to play guitar.
This is designed for anybody who has never touched a guitar before and your picking it up for the first time, you just bought your guitar and you want to learn the basics of guitar playing.

We believe music theory is crucially important to your development as a musician as a guitar player.

The main topics in this lesson:
Half step
Whole Step
Musical Alphabet
The Staff
C major scale

To make sure that you really grasp and learn music theory, you need to review it and go over it often.

So on our website we’ve provided a tutorial for you.

we recommend that you download that and study it.

And within the ebook you’ll see a series of quizzes that can help you to see and to gauge your understanding of music theory.

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