Saturday 30 May 2020
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Acoustic Guitar Lesson #28 Rock Song Intros With Scott Grove

This is my 2nd channel. It is devoted to teaching Acoustic Guitar only. All lessons will be right at 20 minutes. All videos are safe for ALL AGES. No profanity used and none allowed in your comments or you will be blocked. I’m starting the lessons at the point where you’ve just learned to tune your guitar and already know the names of your strings and notes. All lessons will be numbered as well so you can go right to the lesson you are looking for. There will NOT be any TABS or other documentation available. No backing tracks will be available. I hope you all enjoy these lessons that are geared for the acoustic guitarist only. Sure, you can transfer it to electric, but that is YOUR choice. I try to avoid all copyright conflicts by teaching you how to PLAY GUITAR and how to FIGURE OUT HOW TO PLAY SONGS ON YOUR OWN. If you want to learn a particular song and you don’t want to put the time in to figure it out…..that is just sad and defeats the purpose of LEARNING to do this. Many other teachers will show you hacked up versions of songs, but if you actually LEARN, you can figure out how to play ANY song by yourself and be proud of that. You’ll simply get better and faster if you do the work. You’ll be able to hear a song and know how to play it without having to have a guitar around. It HONESTLY does get that easy…….if you don’t slack off and have bad versions of songs served to you on a dirty, and tarnished silver platter. Let’s have FUN and GET ALONG on this channel that is for ALL AGES.
Scott Grove

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