Saturday 30 May 2020
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Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson 1 Part 2 Approaches (for more advanced players)

Hi there, I hope I can help you out if you want to play some blues. My aim is not to let you steal my licks (but feel free to do so).
My aim is to let you create your own licks.
This is the more advanced part. You can find the easy exercises at this link:
I will not teach basic things in this post with approaches (like chords and scales) but you do not have to be an advanced player to learn from what I show you.
Besides, the biggest thing is having fun and to have fun a little knowledge and a lot of enthousiasm are enough.

This first post is about using the bass string and chords (E, E7, A, A7, B, B7) to give your playing some structure.
The next post will be about creating a simple bass line while playing melody.

This lessons cannot replace the things a good guitar teacher can do for you. I live in the Netherlands. Some good teachers I know are
Kornelis Lievense ( from Schijndel (where I live) and Jos de Wilde (wildmenbluesband @
who teaches in Boxtel (also see They can take care of bussiness but nevertheless you can learn enough out of my posts.

I shall give you links to other players to broaden your view or to extend the opportunities of learning.
I guitar player you can learn from is Stefan Grossman, He shows you enough nice stuff to copy.
See Most times you need extra DVD’s or books.
I will not bother you with that. I just love blues and I wan’t to share the blues. That’s all.
So I hope you will enjoy my approach.

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