Friday 30 October 2020
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3+2 Diagonal Pentatonics (Guitar Lessons) @EffectiveMusicPractice

FREE – SFS Fretboard Secrets:

SFS is an amazing system for mastering all fingerings, all positions in all keys for any type of scale, WITHOUT BOX SHAPE MEMORIZATION.
Using understanding instead of mindless repetition, SFS allows you to learn how to freely navigate the fretboard in record time.

Topics Covered:
– How to map all pentatonic fingerings on-the-fly
– How to jump comfortably everywhere on the fretboard
– How to navigate chord changes using pentatonics
– How to add variety to your pentatonic playing by implementing various improvisation tips

My goal with EMP is to provide developing guitar players the right principles, lessons, and tools, in order to develop quickly, while enjoying the process.

Check the website for info on the String Fragment System (SFS) and get free access to mini courses like “Fretboard Memorization Toolbox”, “SFS Pentatonics Crash Course”, “SFS Fretboard Secrets”, “Linear Freedom Crash Course”, and more…

Prokopis Skordis

“Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

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